marittima partenopea
marittima partenopea

Suggested Itineraries

One day

JOY moored at Acton dock in the centre of Naples permits a wide choice of beautiful and interesting day cruises. Capri, Ischia, Procida, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are all destinations for an unforgettable day’s sailing.

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Week end

The beautiful islands of the Gulf of Naples make for an ideal week-end’s cruising. You will find innumerable protected moorings and bays within a few miles of the islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri.
These islands are incredibly beautiful havens of peace and quiet combined with social life for those who wish to go out.

Our second week-end suggestion sails to Procida, Ischia and on to Ventotene. Each island is different from the others and the cruise combines short sails around Procida, Ischia, Ventotene and Santo Stefano combined with the longer sail from Ischia to Ventotene.

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We make 3 suggestions for your week’s cruise.

The Gulf of Naples and its Islands

A week’s charter holiday for sailing and sight seeing in a sea which has been and is always fascinating helps you to understand why this area has always been a favourite of ancient civilisations. The week is absolutely fascinating with a perfect mix of “sea and land“ giving time to visit Pompey and Herculaneam and dive into the fascinating and chaotic city of Naples.

The coast of the Sorrento Peninsula makes a beautiful backdrop for sailing with Sorrento at its centre and less well known Castellamare di Stabia as an ideal starting point for visits to Pompey and Herculaneam. The charter starts from Procida and in its 95 miles sails to nearby Ischia with its Mount Epomeo, Aragonese castle and the beautiful villages of Casamicciola and Sant’Angelo. We then sail to the splendour of Capri and on to Sorrento and Castellamare watched over by unmistakeable Vesuvius until we reach Naples Castel del’Ovo under the hill of Vomero and moor in the Borgo Marinari.
The mooring is ideally situated for visiting the city. Many of the most beautiful piazzas can be reached by foot including the castle of Piazza Municipio with the city hall situated in St.James’ palace and the Maschio Angioino castle. Close by is the royal palace with its world famous St Carlo opera house, Piazza Plebiscito and the Santa Lucia quarter leading by seaside promenade to Mergellina. The scenery is equally beautiful by sea.
Starting again from Procida we sail in the direction of Santa Lucia passing Cape Posillipo and Virgil’s park at the Galiola shoal with its dangerous underwater vegetation marked by a south pointing beacon and then on to Nisida, Pozzuoli, Baia and Cape Miseno before returning to our starting point at Procida. .

The Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast

A beautiful and relaxing cruise sailing through the Partenope islands before admiring the Amalfi coast. We leave from Procida and sail past Ischia, Capri, Positano and Amalfi stopping to enjoy lovely walks along narrow paths and up flights of steps.
These are short sails interrupted by time spent in the company of the smiling local people in a typically Mediterranean atmosphere. The coast line is unique with breathtaking views.
This is a week’s cruise for those who love areas full of history and fascinating scenery.

Pontine Island

The cruise to the Pontine islands is ideal for a week’s charter and the perfect way to spend a sailing holiday.
A lovely cruise full of interesting and beautiful anchorages combined with the pleasure of island hopping.
Once again our starting point is Procida with a shortish sail of 26 nautical miles to Ventotene situated 18 miles from the most westerly point of Ischia, Imperatore point with its unmistakable lighthouse. 20 miles separate Ventotene from Ponza with Palmarola a further 8 miles away.
Now we are in the most beautiful archipelago of this latitude renowned for the colour of its water and the beauty of its countryside. This is a cruise you cannot miss with its short sails and intense days spent at anchor.

Ventotene 47 Agropoli 50
Ponza 63 Lipari 148
Amalfi 31 Salina (Eolie) 140
Ischia 16 Ustica 144
Capri 16 Favignana 145
Sorrento 13 Levanzo 58
Posinato 25 Porto Cervo 220
Salerno 40 Olbia 218

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